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    Thai Go Go Girl

    That is what the song says and as you can see from the lovely girl at left, who used to work in the Doll House A Go Go in Soi Cowboy, there maybe some truth to that song. The Adult Nite Life in Thailand is diverse and internationally known. Each location link listed on the left has the some specifics for that area, this page is just an overview. This site will provide a brief overview of what is available, but it is not graphic because there are plenty of other sites on the web focusing on that. If you want more than an overview please visit one of the sites geared towards that type of thing. Traditionally geared towards the single male, today more western couples have been partaking in what Bangkok has to offer. Adult Nite Life is as follows:

    - Beer Bars & Go Go Bars

    - Soapy Massages & Couple Massage & Other Massage

    - Other Types Of Bars

    In a Beer Bar you will talk with a girl or girls, and if you like one, pay her "bar fine" and then she will go home with you. Any extra curricular activities that you want outside of the bar will be negotiated between you and the girl on a case by case basis. The girls in the Beer Bars will be in street clothes some dressed more sexy than others. Some of the girls are more shy than others, don't assume that every girl is going to be flamboyent, because that is not always the case.

    Thailand - Go Go Bars - Soapy Massage

    Thai Girls

    In a Go Go Bar it works the same as a Beer Bar, except the girls wear skimpy outfits and dance. Depending on which Go Go Bar you go to, the girls will usually be better looking than in a Beer Bar, and most if not all Go Go Bars have some kind of show. All the costs including drinks are higher in a Go Go Bar, the girls at left are dancing in the Long Gun Go Go Bar in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.

    The Go Go Bars in the USA are a lot sexier than the bars here. Things like lap dances are definitely not performed in Thailand. The difference here is that you can go home with the girl, where of course that is forbidden in the USA. At the time of this writing, the famous shows and the nudity in Go Go Bars is not occurring. It has always been illegal, but it was not always enforced in the past. For right now there are no shows with girls opening bottles, or firing things out of their you know what. In fact, the girls do not even take all their clothes off right now, but they will usually go home with you whether you are alone or a couple. Many single people or couples go to the Go Go Bars simply to look at all the beautiful girls dancing in their lingerie, similar to what happens in the USA.

    Massage Girl

    The girl at left works in one of the famous "soapy massage" locations in Bangkok. A soapy massage is basically a bath followed by a unique massage where the girl puts you on an air mattress and throws hot soapy water on you and then treats you like a slip and slide and massages you. The locations that perform these massages are often listed here as a Turkish Bath and you will find them in any major tourist locations.

    Usually the fee for a soapy massage includes extra curricular activities and you would only have to give the girl a tip if you so desire. The overwhelming majority are strictly male only, there are only a small few that allegedly allow soapy massages for couples. I read somewhere that Annie's Massage in Bangkok was one of them, but I cannot confirm that.


    Soapy Massage Girl

    A "couple massage" usually involves calling one of the specialty massage shops and having them come over to give an oil massage to you and your spouse. You can either call for one girl or for two girls for either you, or you and your spouse. Women can also call speciality massage shops to have a massage on their own. You will probably only be able to find these specialty massages in Bangkok and only from a few massage shops.

    Nowadays in Thailand it is easier to ask for what you want and some of the old akwardness is gone, so you can specify what you want when you call for your booking to make sure that they send over a masseuse who is comfortable doing what you want. The vast majority of the massage girls here will NOT do couples massages, so make sure you know want you want and ask for it when you call to make your booking.

    Bangkok Adult Night Life

    Soi Cowboy


    If you are coming to Bangkok, you are probably going to want to go see the famous Go Go Bars here with all the beautiful women. In Bangkok there are three locations that are night life areas that have a lot of Go Go Bars in them. They Are: Patpong on Silom Road; Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4; and Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 23. Patpong is probably the most internationally famous because it was the place where American GI's went for R & R during the Vietnam war. Patpong is very crowded and tough to walk around in, and there are a lot of transvestites working in the bars there, but some people love Patpong. Nana Plaza is 4 levels and packed with Go Go Bars and Beer Bars, it is probably the most active area in Bangkok, it is really something to see. Soi Cowboy (pictured) above, is the smallest and most wide open of the night life areas, it is a favorite for expats because it is not too crowded. If you want to see some great looking women, try these Go Go Bars:

    Angel Witch Nana Plaza
    School House Nana Plaza
    Long Gun Soi Cowboy
    The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

    Beer Bars

    There are plenty of Beer Bars in Thailand, especially around the three nightlife zones that I mentioned above. But also in between Nana Plaza (soi 4) and Soi Cowboy (soi 21/23) there are Beer Bars up and down Sukhumvit Road. There are also Beer Bars near the top of Sukhumvit Soi 22 in the Queens Park area, and there are Beer Bars in other areas as well. Most of the Beer Bars mentioned here are geared toward foreigners, but all over Thailand there are Beer Bars geared towards Thai Men.

    "Soapy Massage"

    The famous (abp-ob-nuad), which literally means "bathe, bake, massage" is also called a "Soapy Massage" because it involves a massage with hot soapy water. The main areas for Soapy Massages in Bangkok are Ratchadapisek Road and Petchburi Road. The women are absolutely stunning, and any Taxi Driver or Tuk Tuk Driver will take you to a Soapy Massage because they get a commission! I have heard that Annie's Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 2 will give a Soapy Massage to couples, I can't confirm it, and I have not heard of another location that does that.

    Couples Massage - Two Girl Massage

    Couple Massage

    A "couple massage" usually involves calling one of the specialty massage shops and having them come over to give an oil massage to you and your spouse. You can either call for one girl or for two girls for either you, or you and your spouse. Women can also call speciality massage shops to have a massage on their own.

    If you are interested in having a Couples Massage, or a Two Girl Massage, the best place to do that is in the privacy of your hotel room. They would do an oil massage, or a Thai massage, and other massage if you are interested. The tip that you have to give the girls for a Couples Massage or Two Girl Massage is larger than a normal tip, for obvious reasons.

    If you are in Bangkok you might want to try Aviva Massage or Comfort Massage and they will send someone to your hotel room 24 Hours a day. If you want a couple or two girl massage, it is best to do it before 11PM when they have more staff working. Feel free to call them if you are alone and only want to have one girl come over and give you a massage! You can also visit the shop for an oil massage, body to body massage, etc.

    Chiang Mai Adult Night Life

    Go Go Bars

    If you are coming to Chiang Mai it is probably to get away from it all and to try and get out into the country a little bit. Chiang Mai has a couple of Go Go Bars and they are a pretty tame affair compared with some of the other parts of Thailand. The women are either older or they are young, tall, with white skin and have very tiny bodies (the way Thai Men like them). There is an older Go Go Bar now called the Spotlight is located along the old canal near the intersection of Khotchasan Road with Loy Kroh Road. Not too far from the Night Bazaar. Right in the heart of the Night Bazaar, behind Chiang Inn Plaza is a newer Go Go Bar called the Foxy Lady. The Foxy Lady has a website:

    Beer Bars

    There are Beer Bars anywhere in Thailand, so Chiang Mai is no exception. There are Beer Bars in the middle of the Night Bazaar, I believe the area is called the Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex. They are located very close to the Pizza Hut right there on Chang Klan Road. If you walk from the Night Bazaar down Loy Kroh Road heading to the old canal, you will find some small bars that are frequented by backpackers and when you get to the intersection at Khotchasan Road, there are about 10 Beer Bars there. One of them is called "Bar Bar Bo Bo", so if you tell that to a Tuk Tuk Driver he will get you in the right area. There are other parts of the city that have Beer Bars and there are lots of regular bars that either cater to Thais or Foreigners.


    There is a very popular discotheque in Chiang Mai called Bubbles. It is located in the basement of the Porn Ping Tower Hotel. They upstairs is all Thai music and the basement is more for foreigners, the music is techno and very loud, I am too old for a place like this, but some of you might like it!

    "Soapy Massage"

    The famous (abp-ob-nuad), which literally means "bathe, bake, massage" is also called a "Soapy Massage" because it involves a massage with hot soapy water. There are a couple of Soapy Massages in Chiang Mai, one near the Amari Rincome Hotel by the university, and one on the other side of town out past the Night Bazaar. The one by the Night Bazaar is the nicer of the two, but neither compare with Soapy Massage places in Bangkok or Pattaya.

    Oil Massage Outside Service

    There is a shop in Chiang Mai that does oil massage in your hotel room. They are located very near the Night Bazaar but the shop is a little dingy, you can call them and they will come to you if you are staying near the Night Bazaar, the name of the shop is Tu Massage and their phone number is (053) 206859.

    Pattaya Adult Night Life

    Walking Street Pattaya

    Go Go Bars

    If you are coming to Pattaya Beach there is no shortage of bars here or in its sister city of Jomtien. It used to be that you could only find bars along Walking Street in South Pattaya or a few up in North Pattaya, but now there are bars and go go bars everywhere. The picture above shows the diversity of the sights along Walking Street at night. The biggest collection of Go Go Bars can still be found along Walking Street in Pattaya, or along the first couple of sois just north of Walking Street. One good Go Go Bar that is farther north along the Beach Road, past Mike Shopping Plaza, is the Tahitian Queen. The Tahitian Queen is open during the middle of the day and maintains the same rowdy ambience year after year.

    Beer Bars

    There are Beer Bars everywhere in Pattaya and there are also many in Jomtien Beach. In Pattaya you can find them all up and down the Beach Road and also up and down Second Street. You will find them pretty much anywhere between Walking Street in South Pattaya all the way up to Soi 2 in North Pattaya. I have a few favorites. Right when you enter Walking Street from the Beach Road on the left hand side one of the first bars is the Black and White Bar. The staff is nice and I have known the owner for 9 years, you can sit there and just watch all the people walk up and down Walking Street, which is always a good source of entertainment! It does not have air conditioning, but you are right on the street to watch the world go by. Up in North Pattaya along sois 2-4 are a good collection of bars, they are especially nice when the military is in town, since not many people venture that far up the road and you can enjoy your vacation without feeling overwhelmed by it all.


    There is a very famous discotheque along Walking Street called the Marine Disco. It is where a lot of girls go after work and the place is usually packed with incredibly beautiful young women. The music is very modern, too modern for me!

    "Soapy Massage"

    One of the oldest, and most famous soapy massages can be found at Sabailand in North Pattaya near soi 4 and Second Road. There are now bigger and more glamorous places near there such as Sabai Sabai Massage, but you really cannot beat Sabailand. The women are incredibly beautiful and the place has not changed much over the years. It is an "old school" soapy massage establishment, but lacks some of the amenities of its bigger, newer, more expensive neighbors.

    Oil Massage Outside Service

    If you want it, Pattaya has it, there are several massage shops there and some do outside service. There is a place on Soi 4 near Sabailand called Silom Sauna. Silom Sauna also has a shop on Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Bangkok, and they give oil massages there. The massage business is not as big in Pattaya since the soapy massage, beer bar, go go bar scene is so prevalent.

    Phuket Adult Night Life

    Patong Beach

    Go Go Bars

    If you are coming to Phuket and you want night life, you need to head down to Soi Bangla in Patong Beach, that is where most of the night life is in Phuket. There are many many Go Go Bars there and some really breath taking women. One of the most famous is the Rock Hard Go Go located right where the main road and Soi Bangla meet.

    Beer Bars

    There are plenty of Beer Bars anywhere in Phuket, the photo above shows a strip of Beer Bars off of Soi Bangla right in the heart of Patong Beach. If you head down to this area you will find more Beer Bars than you will know what to do with!

    "Soapy Massage"

    The famous (abp-ob-nuad), which literally means "bathe, bake, massage" is also called a "Soapy Massage" because it involves a massage with hot soapy water. I believe that there are a couple of Soapy Massages in Phuket. If they are not soapy massages, they are more than traditional oil massages. These are located in Patong Beach about a 10 minute walk from Soi Bangla.

    Oil Massage Outside Service

    There are a few shops in and around Patong Beach that offer outside oil massages. Check with your local hotel there, they should know.

    Other Things

    There is also a popular "gatooy" or transvestite show on Soi Bangla. I have never been but my brother went and had his photo taken with the men...women...whatever!

    Koh Samui Adult Night Life

    Koh Samui Beach

    Go Go Bars

    The night life in Koh Samui is pretty quiet, especially for a major tourist attraction. It is a lot quieter than Bangkok or Pattaya or Phuket. You can still find a little bit of the Adult night life here. There are a couple of Go Go Bars in the center of town, there is a strip of Beer Bars there and one or two Go Go Bars. The Go Go Bars are located right off the main beach road about in the center of town by the Pizza Hut.

    Beer Bars

    There are Beer Bars anywhere in Thailand, so Koh Samui is no exception. There are the Beer Bars metioned above, along the beach road in the center of town. There is another section of Beer Bars and a Reggae Bar located further inland. It is near the center of the town, but you have to take a road inland for about 5 minutes to get to this small complex of bars. There is also a live rock and roll bar in the main part of town near the Go Go Bars. There are a few nice little bars here, and the town in general is a lot quieter than Pattaya or Phuket, and that is why it is a favorite for Thais and local expatriates, who want to get away from it all.

    "Soapy Massage"

    The famous (abp-ob-nuad), which literally means "bathe, bake, massage" is also called a "Soapy Massage" is not available here.

    Oil Massage

    There are the traditional oil massage shops in Koh Samui, and there is another shop there that is geared more towards other things, but I am not sure how good it is, and I believe it is a little expensive.

    Hua Hin Adult Night Life

    Hua Hin Bar

    Beer Bars

    If you are looking for good night life, I am afraid that Hua Hin is not the place for you. The picture at right says it all, outdoor beer bars with lots of male tourists and very few girls. The girls that they do have are not that appealing, they do not compare to the girls in Bangkok or Pattaya, overall the bar scene here is fairly pathetic. All of the bars are located near the Soi Bintabat area, on a map it looks spread out, but the sois are really little more than lanes, so everything in town is within easy walking distance. All of the bars in this area are "outside" style beer bars that are open air and do not have any real air conditioning.

    If you want to come here for other things, do so, and maybe you will enjoy the quiet night life here, but do not come here thinking that it is like Bangkok, Pattaya, or even Chiang Mai for that matter. There is a web site that specializes in night life in Hua Hin, try checking that out to get a more detailed picture, including maps, but that website won't prepare you for the low quality of the night life, that can only be experienced first hand!


    There is not much to offer in the massage scene here, but you might want to call Day & Night massage and have them come to your room, that is probably your best bet. The phone number for Day & Night is (032) 531-113 and the cell phone number of the owner (Khun Lampoey) is (01) 941-7497.

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