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    SCUBA Diving

    Adventure Travel - Elephant Rides - Scuba Diving - Bungy Jump - Etc.

    You can find travel agents that will help you book adventure travel, as well as traditional travel. Below you will find some of the soft adventure travel that is geared towards traditional tourists and their families.

    SCUBA Diving - There is plenty of Scuba diving here in Thailand. The photo above is me coming up after diving the Phi Phi Islands near Phuket. I have dove in Phuket, Pattaya, and also Koh Samui. All the dives that I went on were day trips, not too far from the coast. The diving was okay, but doesn't compare to say; diving in the Cayman Islands, but I never went to the best sites here. There are supposed to be some great sites in Thailand if you venture out far enough. For more information on diving, visit PJ Scuba at their web site. Mention MyThaiTravel an receive a 10% Discount on Dive Trips or Scuba Courses.

    Bungy Jump - I mentioned it before, but there is bungy jumping in Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

    Elephant RidingElephant Rides - The picture at left is when my brother and I visited the elephant camp in Chiang Mai. You can go and see the elephants work, paint pictures, and then go for a ride in the jungle. There are also other places in Thailand where you can go for the same thing, but I think Chiang Mai is the best.

    Para Sailing - You can go for a para sailing trip at any of the beach cities mentioned here on the site.

    Rafting - In Chiang Mai they also have some rafting trips, but I don't think that they are white water rafting trips, more like riding on a simple bamboo raft down the river.


    Balloon RidesBallooning - You can go for a morning balloon ride in Chiang Mai before the day gets to hot. The balloon trips start around dawn and the views are supposed to be breathtaking. You can see their web site Oriental Balloon Flights or you can call them at: (053) 398609

    Trekking & Mountain Biking - In Chiang Mai you can go trekking with a tour guide or you can take a mountain bike and do the same thing. It is recommended that you go with a tour guide since they know the area and should also have the transportation to get you to and from Chiang Mai.

    Shooting Clubs - Both Pattaya and Chiang Mai have shooting clubs where you can go and fire most any weapon known to man. There are different costs to fire different weapons, but it is something that you probably cannot find in the USA, especially firing automatic weapons.

    Ultra Light Flight

    Ultra Light Flight - In Chiang Mai you can go take an ultra light flight with the Chiang Mai Sky Adventure company. The company is located not far from the city and this should certainly get your blood racing! I have not done this yet, but it is on my list of things to do. You can check out their site Chiang Mai Sky Adventure or contact the company at: (053) 868460.

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