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    Hua Hin Travel - Where To Eat - Where To Stay

    Hua Hin Beach

    Once just a small fishing village, Hua Hin has developed into a tourist town full of hotels, seafood restaurants, bars and travel agents. Thanks to the royal influence, compared to similar beach resorts in Thailand the area has a limited seediness factor, making it a good option for families. The long beach, with generally calm waters, is another family draw. The beach at the center of town is quite dirty due to runoff from guesthouses, but moving south from the Hilton, the water becomes cleaner and the beach less crowded.

    How to Get There

    By Air:Siam GA Airlines ( runs a shuttle service from Bangkok to Hua Hin four times per day, the flight takes 45 minutes. It is in a Cessna so it is only for the hearty traveler.

    By Mini Bus: Most people take the three and a half hour drive to Hua Hin in a Taxi.Try a mini-van from Bangkok for a more relaxed trip where you can spread out with plenty of legroom and enjoy the trip at your leisure. Around three thousand Baht one way which can be spilt depending on how many people you have travelling.

    Where To Stay

    The City Beach Resort is centrally located in Hua Hin town. A short 10 minute walk to the white sandy beaches of Hua Hin. Staying during Songkran. The rooms look tired, with worn carpets and old bed sheets and pillows. The bathrooms smell of mold due to a lack of ventilation. The air-conditioning units did not get cold and could not be adjusted. Current rates are expensive, a more realistic price would be 1000 Baht per night.

    Hua Hin Hilton

    Hilton Hotel Hua Hin Beach The Hilton is ( probably the top hotel choice in town, a great location in the center of town, close to bars, restaurants and shopping; and it has the same service as other Hilton's worldwide. The pool is spacious with lots of sun beds, The rooms are more than adequate - the beds are large and very comfortable, the furniture is tastefully modern and the balconies have a great view. The room service is excellent; buffet breakfast can be served on the balcony or around the pool area. They can be called at: (032) 538-999.

    Jed Pee Nong Hotel is a friendly little hotel in Hua Hin located in the center of Hua Hin, directly overlooking the street that leads down to the ocean. .The Jed Pee Nong Hotel has 41 high quality rooms, a pool garden restaurant and swimming pool with facilities for kids. A restaurant with Thai and European food. Room rates range from 1200-1500 Baht depending on the season. Book early as this hotel is popular with Thais coming down from Bangkok for the weekend. Phone (032) 512-381.

    Sirin Hotel ( is nice new hotel in Hua Hin located in the center of town, the accomodations are basic, but the prices are very reasonable and the rooms are clean. Their number is (032) 511-150.

    Where To Eat

    Supatra By The Sea Hua HinThe Supatra-by-the-sea Resort and Restaurant ( has a fabulous ocean front location at Khao Takiab or "Chopstick Mountain".Fresh seafood and great service, however it is on the expensive side but the ambience is relaxing and the view unbeatable. They also have private cabana rooms for a large booking. (032) 536-561. You can view the large Buddha figure in the photo at left or you can just take in the fantastic ocean view. The restaurant is consistently booked during evening dinner, so call in advance for a reservation.

    It is a dozen km's or so south of town and boasts a hilltop temple and a hyperactive community of monkeys, along with a cluster of Buddha images sitting strangely besides models of dinosaurs. Great views of the sea and fishing vessels here remind one that up until around 1992 Hua Hin was but a humble fishing hamlet and summerhouse for His Majesty the King.

    Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant on Damnoenkasem Road offers another excellent dining experience, right across the road from City beach Resort. Host Claudio Ceriani has made this place his own after 8 years in Hua Hin. He serves fresh pasta and home made pizzas plus a full menu of seafood and other Italian delights. Telephone: (032) 512-250

    Hua Hin Brewing Company is the first and only Beer House in Hua Hin, and a favorite night spot for both visitors and residents. Get the feeling of a fisherman's house and taste the best freshly brewed beers in town: Sabai Sabai Wheat Ale, or Elephant Tusk Ale, as well as the largest selection of International beers in the Western Gulf of Thailand. Live music can be heard in the bar 6 days a week by a local cover band. The restaurant on the terrace offers fresh seafood and succulent meats. They are located in the Hilton complex so you can get their contact information below.

    Where To Relax

    The Amana Spa and Massage is a beautifully appointed Spa just made for a relaxing afternoon of indulgence. Centrally located on the 1st Floor of the Tanawit Plaza Building the staff greet you with warm smiles and true Thai hospitality. The rooms are elegantly furnished with full shower facilities in each room. They can be called at (032) 530-423.

    What To See

    Hua Hin Station

    Though the beaches and swimming pools are always beckoning, the Hua Hin area also has shopping, temples, waterfalls, caves, quaint neighborhoods and historical sites that will create memories for all members of the family. The Train Station pictured at left is an original building that will give you an idea of Thailand in a bygone era. A leisurely drive though the countryside, where one can see rice paddies and pineapple plantations, children playing in the canals, and the beautiful scenery of Prachuapkirikhan and Petchburi provinces is also a must. The shopping in Hua Hin is far more expensive than Bangkok, while basically offering the same type products, if you want bargains you will probably want to do your shopping back in Bangkok.

    A Four Kilometer canal trip along the Khlong Khao Daeng is a great way to spend an hour or so. It is a good way to stay cool in the evening, or a great place to see birds early in the morning. The scenery is breathtaking and you may spot a monitor lizard out for a swim or some monkeys swinging through the branches.

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