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    Koh Samui Travel - Where To Eat - Where To Stay

    Baht Bus

    The best way to get around Koh Samui is by Baht Buses. Sometimes they are called "Red Buses" or "Blue Buses", depending on their color. These are pick up trucks with roofs on the back and seats in the back. You will find them outside of Bangkok. Just make sure that they are going where you want to go and ring the bell for them to stop when you reach your destination. The fare is usually 10-20 Baht a person depending on where you are going. You will probably take a van from the airport, if you are staying anywhere along Chaweng Beach it will not take that long (10-15 minutes).

    What To See

    Patong Beach

    Koh Samui is another "beach attraction" here in Thailand. Whether you are staying in Chaweng Beach Beach or on the other side of the island. As in Phuket, everything here revolves around the beach or the water. The photo at left is of Chaweng Beach which is the main beach here. There is a night life here, but it is fairly mundane and quiet by Thai standards. Koh Samui has its famous "Full Moon Party", but the night life on Chaweng is fairly tame. I really enjoyed it here, it is a good place to go with the family or go as a couple.

    Moped Tour - They call them motorcycles here but they are really just souped up mopeds, but you can rent one and drive around the island and see all the famous and deserted beaches. Just remember that in Thailand they drive on the left, so be careful when you drive. When renting a moped NEVER give them your passport, they will usually ask for some ID as a guarantee, but never ever leave your passport with them.

    Thai Boxing - They have a Thai Boxing arena in Koh Samui and routinely hold boxing matches there. These are the real deal, not like some of the staged boxing matches you get outside of the bars in Pattaya. If you did not get a chance to catch a match in Bangkok, this might be a good place to do so.

    Beach At Night - If you are coming here for the beach, and especially if you are here as a couple, hanging out along the beach can be a very relaxing and romantic event. Along the beaches here at night you will see little tables and mats set up for people just to come, relax, and take in all the beauty from the scenery. If you are staying at a hotel outside of town it is even quieter. There are mosquitoes at night, so bring your bug spray, but on a night with a good moon it is very stunning to see.

    Where To Eat

    Zicos Koh Samui

    Zico's - Is the most trendy restaurant and bar on the island, it is a dress to impress kind of atmosphere, well for an island that is. It is a Brazilian barbeque complete with Samba dancers. The food is very good and it deserves its reputation. You can call them for more information at (077) 231560

    Poppies Resort - The restaurant is is located at the southern end of Chaweng Beach in the resort. The food has a great reputation and the restaurant overlooks the beach. I have eaten here before and I thought its' reputation was deserved. You will find more information at their web site or you can call them at (077) 422419

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