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    Baht Bus

    The best way to get around Pattaya or Jomtien Beach is by Baht Buses. Sometimes they are called "Red Buses" or "Blue Buses", depending on their color. These are pick up trucks with roofs on the back and seats in the back. You will find them outside of Bangkok. Just make sure that they are going where you want to go and ring the bell for them to stop when you reach your destination. The fare is usually 10-20 Baht a person depending on where you are going. Another way to go is motorcycle taxi, but they are very dangerous.

    What To See

    Pattaya Beach

    Pattaya Beach or Jomtien Beach are both beach towns, with most of the things to do revolving around the beach. Pattaya Beach is also known for it raucous night life. Jomtien Beach is the quieter area and more suitable for families, with its wide open beaches, etc. Pattaya Beach is fairly crowded with the area of North Pattaya being the quieter part of the town. If you want to take Banana Boat Rides, etc., you can do that here in Pattaya. There is also some diving sites not to far from Pattaya, you can board a boat out of Sattahip and head out to some local dive spots. You can rent motorcycles, jet skis, etc. There is even parasailing if you want.

    Crocodile Farm

    Crocodile Farm - Outside of Pattaya is the Crocodile Farm where you can go and see live crocodiles and also see how the local men train the crocodiles and perform a show with them. It is an interesting event that gets you away from the beach or the pool.

    Shooting Range - Outside of Pattaya City on the main road is a shooting range, this is a location where you can go, and for a price, shoot about any weapon known to mankind. All of you wanna be Rambos, this is the place for you.

    Alcazar Cabaret - This is one of the most famous "gatooy" shows in Thailand. A gatooy is a transvestite in the local language, and Thais are incredibly tolerant about the gay lifestyle. Many Thai women are envious of how "pretty" these transvestites are, and if you are not keyed into what to look for, you might be fooled into believing that it is a pretty girl.

    Walking Street - South Pattaya

    Walking Street - You cannot have a discussion of Pattaya without talking about Walking Street. It is located in South Pattaya and it is the hub of the night life there. From about 7PM until 2AM the street is closed to vehicle traffic, hence the name. You can go inside the bars and go go bars or just walk down the street and take it all in. It is not uncommon to see families pushing baby carriages down the street as they walk and take it all in. The photo at left shows an elephant having fun with some customers at one of the bars on the street. For more information on Walking Street go to the section on Adult Nite Life in Pattaya. When I say that you will see it all there, I literally mean that you could possibly see it all there, from monkeys to elephants, beautiful women to transvestites, fake thai boxing to the ocassional cobra show.

    Where To Eat

    Brew house - Located in the shopping mall complex across from Soi 2 in North Pattaya, is the Brew house. It is facing the street and is next to the Kentucky Fried Chicken, across the street from the beer bars and Sabai Dee Massage shop. The Brew house is another of my gems, they have great Thai Food and live bands on the weekends. This place is popular with Thais and tourists alike.

    The Hard Rock Cafe - Located right next to the hotel, facing the ocean, this is a popular restaurant with foreigners and Thais alike. The Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe are located in the north part of Pattaya.

    Shenanigans - Is a nice little pub with a great staff and it is a good break from the other nightlife in Pattaya. It is located in the center of the city on Second Road. You can find out more information by visiting their web site at:

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