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    Thai food and Thai Restaurants have become very trendy all over the world and many Thai ex-pats have opened opened up restaurants after emigrating. One thing to understand that at a real Thai Restaurant the food will usually be very spicy, so if you are not prepared for that, make sure that you tell your waiter to make your food not spicy (mai pett). When you go through this site you will see each of the different travel locations usually has a recommendation on where to eat and what Thai Restaurants are good. If you are here for awhile and get sick of Thai food there is always pizza!

    We are going to make a distinction here about what is a Thai Restaurant and what is Thai Street Food, because the cleanliness is definitely not the same. Even some Thai Restaurants are not too clean so you need to be aware of that when picking a place to eat. The doctors at the hospitals here (Bumrungrad Hospital) will tell you not to eat on the street if you do not have a "strong stomach" and the same can be said for some Thai Restaurants. Most of the Thai Restaurants that are frequented by tourists are pretty clean and you should not have any problems there.

    Thai Restaurant - Street Vendors

    People who want to get an authentic version of Thai food may want to venture to some of the Street Restaurants or Street Vendors. You will see many well to do Thais and ordinary Thais eating at these stalls on the side of the road in any Thai city. But please be aware that these stalls are not clean by western standards, they would probably get an "F" if rated by your local Health Department. Thai stomachs are used to the bugs and viruses that are sometimes in the food here. The Thais still consider these street vendors as a "Thai Restaurant" and you can too, if your stomach will permit. Since you know your own stomach and sense of adventure we will leave the official designation of a Thai Restaurant up to you.

    One thing about these Thai Restaurants or Street Vendors is that the food is often different than what you would find in a traditional Thai Restaurants. The Thai customers usually want very spicy food and they want it cheap, that is what these vendors cater too.

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