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    Thailand News

    There are probably three sources of News in Thailand, English language news that is, it is funny how much the Thai News varies from the English language News here. If you have a friend who can read Thai tell you what the News is in a Thai Newspaper, you will be shocked at how different it will be from an English language newspaper.

    The first source of news is the Thailand News Agency, which is a Public Relations source for the Thai government and carries stories that are approved by the government.

    The second source is the mainstream Thailand News in English, that is the mainstream Thai Newspapers. The Bangkok Post. and The Nation.

    The third source of news in Thailand is ex pat focused and consists of web blogs, one of the most popular is Thai Visa. Although this is not an official Thailand News Source, it carries articles and commentaries on events that are of interest to foreign ex pats. Sometime the tone on this site is very negative but it is the views of those that which to contribute and the funny thing is as negative as all the comments are, all of the writers continue to want to live in Thailand!

    Thailand News - Professionalism

    Do not look for hard biting investigative journalism in Thailand, the writers do not work that way, and in some cases it runs contrary to Thai style. You will find more hard hitting journalism in the Thai Language Newspapers. I do not know if this is because the writers are more comfortable writing in their native tongue or if the tone is allowed when it is "Thai Focused". Like any news source, in any country, understand any potential biases and form your own educated opinions!

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